Posted by Warner Pet Products on 4th May 2021

How to Choose Dog Collar Bells for Your Dog

Choosing to have a bell on your dog’s (or multiple dogs) collars is optional for many pet owners. If you only have one dog and he/she spends most of their time indoors, then you may not need a bell for your dog. In this case, the only time you may take your dog outside would be for a walk or a visit to the dog park! Since your dog doesn’t spend much time off the leash out in the world, the need for a dog collar bell isn’t as high. Your dog never leaves your range of sight and is pretty much always on the leash or in an otherwise secured area.

There are plenty of scenarios in which people prefer having a bell on their dogs collar! Many people who have multiple dogs prefer to have a unique bell for each of their pets, so they can identify which animal is which when you can’t directly see them.

For people who like to let their dogs run off-leash (when safe, of course) a dog collar bell lets you know their approximate position even when you can’t see them. If you have a big yard and your dog bolts behind your shed for example, you’ll still be able to hear the collar bell. So even if you lose sight of your dog for a moment, you can rest assured that you know where they are.

Often, when you’re doing work outside or otherwise enjoying the outdoors, losing sight of your dog will happen. If you don’t have a bell on their collar, you’ll have to shout and hopefully your dog will come back. This is how most dogs get lost, or worse; when their owners aren’t paying attention.

When you have a dog bell collar on your dog’s collar, you’ll know when your dog is getting out of earshot because the sound of the bell will get quieter. When it gets too quiet, you’ll know your pet is probably getting a little to far and it is time to call them back!

When you have multiple dogs running around, we can even offer multiple bells, each with unique sounds. So you’ll be able to know which dog is where, again - all without having to even look around!

There are many reasons to have a bell on your dog collars, to just sum it up:

  • Know where your dog is in your house/yard without having to be able to see them
  • Choose different bells for each of your pets to give them each a unique, identifiable sound.
  • Dog collar bells are stylish - your dog will look great with the right bell on its collar!

So what type of bell is best for your dog?

Small Pet Collar Bells

small pet bells

These bells are very small and recommended for cat or smaller breed dog collars. They make a cheerful jingle sound that isn’t too loud, but you’ll be able to hear it throughout your house easily. This small bell is barely noticeable to your pet since it is small and appropriately sized for smaller pets.

Cowbells for Dog Collars

brass cowbells for dog collarsnickel cowbells for dog collarscopper cowbells for dog collars

Cowbells dog collar bells come in various sizes, as you can see below. While they are a little too big for small cats and dogs, our cowbells come in various sizes. So even if you would like a cowbell for your small dog, you can be sure there is one you can choose for your dog. You can choose from a variety of different finishes (copper, coppered, nickel, and even brass.) If you have a large breed, you can choose the larger size of cowbell to have an appropriately sized bell for your large dog.

The sound of the cowbell is exactly like you would expect - a cowbell! It is a distinctive sound that carries well outdoors and through the woods. If you have a couple different dogs, you can choose the same bell in different finishes, which give different tones. You can also choose to differ based on size, which also gives different tones for each dog!

Bear Bells for Your Dogs Collar

bear bells for dog collars

Bear bells are our most popular bell choice for most breeds. About the size of a silver dollar, they can fit most sized dogs well. We offer them in a variety of colors and they come with a loop that you can easily loop over your dog’s collar!

The bear bell is called the bear bell because most people use it in the woods to keep away large predatory animals. Its use isn’t just limited to dogs collars - tie one to your backpack if you hike alot to make sure you can keep moose, bears, and even cougars away from you. Safety first, especially if you are hiking by yourself. The bear bell alerts animals to your presence when you enter an area, allowing them a chance to leave the area and avoid a confrontation that can be very dangerous.

Authentic Swiss Bells from Switzerland

swiss dog collar bells

We import genuine artisan Swiss bells from Switzerland. They are inspired by traditional Swiss cow bells, but sized down to fit dog collars! They offer a very unique sound and a classic look that you simply won’t find anywhere else! You can be sure that no one else will have a similar dog bell. Buy one for your Bernese Mountain Dog today! These come in a variety of sizes but no two are exactly the same due to the handcrafted nature. You can read more about Swiss Bells here.

The Traditional Sportsmen Bell

dog with sportsman bell

The Warner traditional sportsmen bell has the traditional look of a bell, but we take an extra step to attach a high quality leather strap to it. This lets you easily attach it to your dog’s collar (like with some of our other bells.) Choose this collar bell if you want a classy bell that has a simple ring to it, and not a jingle like the bear bell or small pet collar bell. The sound carries well indoors and outdoors, so it is a bell you can leave on your dog at all times if you wish.

If you need any help choosing a bell for your dog collar - feel free to send us a message! We’re always happy to help. You can visit us on Facebook to send us a message!