Classic Rolled Leather Collars

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Our classic rolled Leather Dog Collar is meticulously handcrafted in the USA.

This rolled collar is constructed from the finest flat leather, which is then masterfully rolled and stitched to create the iconic rolled leather design.

The use of premium, durable leather ensures longevity, while the addition of nickel hardware adds a classy touch.

Available in our selection of colors including Black, Brown, Tan, and Red, this collar not only exudes elegance but also maintains its rich coloring over time.

The supple and comfortable nature of the leather ensures that your beloved companion experiences utmost comfort, while the rounded design prevents any discomfort or irritation.

Furthermore, this collar is a perfect choice for long-haired dogs as it does not mat their luscious locks and is gentle on their sensitive neck skin.

Crafted from premium leather and vegetable tanned, this collar is a testament to its exceptional quality and is designed to withstand years of wear.

Size Chart is in the listing pictures.

The longer the collar, the wider the flat portion of the collar.

The widths are as follows:

10" fits 8"-10" neck, 12" fits 9.5"-11" neck, 14" fits 11"-13" neck - Collars: 3/8" width on unrolled portion of collar.

16" fits 13-15" neck - Collars: 5/8" width on unrolled portion of collar

18" fits 14"-16", 20" fits 17"-19" neck - Collars: 3/4" width on unrolled portion of collar

22" fits 18"-20" neck, 24" fits 21"-23" neck - Collars: 1" width on unrolled portion of collar

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