Genuine Hand-Made Swiss Dog Collar Bells

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Our hand made Swiss bells are brazed at the seams to keep a pure ringing tone that carries for miles and will last a lifetime. 

If you have more than one four-legged companion, you can choose from the different sizes of these Swiss bells for different tones that will allow you to easily track your dogs separately. 

Small and medium bells have leather loop on bells. Loop is big enough to slide over a 1" wide collar. If you need a stylish collar to attach your bell to, take a look at our Engraved Name Plate Dog Collars here. 

  • Hand made Swiss bells
  • Pure ringing tone
  • Last a lifetime

Bells From Switzerland

These bells are handmade in Switzerland by craftsmen, not mass-produced in factories. Each bell has characteristic features from  the process of being cut, hammered and shaped, then finally finished.  You won't find any of these unique Swiss bells in most pet stores. Luckily, we import them directly from Swiss craftsmen.

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