Warner Sporting Dog Collar Cow Bell

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Warner Sporting Dog Collar Cow bell for your Pet

Ou bells have a leather strap on it so you can easily slip the bell on your pets collar.

We have sizes that will fit toy breeds as well as the largest breeds out there. 

The leather loop is large enough to slip over a 1" wide collar.

See size chart in pictures.

Extra small and small bells have a light ring to them and are good for petite and small pets.

Medium and Medium/Large bells have medium sound bell and works well outside and in the woods.

Large bells have a loud sound and carry a long distance.

  • Know where your dog is from the sound of the bell
  • Slip easy over dog collar

Different materials and finishes available.

Choose Color, Size, and Finish

Different size and metal (nickel, brass, copper) sound different:

Size your bell for the size pet you have.

Remember the bigger the bell the bigger the sound!