Warner Brand Brass or Nickel Plated Steel Dog Collar Bell (Bear Bell)

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Available in Brass, Nickel, Blue, Black, Green, or Red plating!
  • 1 1/2"  steel sleigh bell, this is too big for a cat!
  • 5/8" Nylon Loop to fasten around dog collar - looks great with a red leather dog collar
  • Lets you know where your pet is in the field, wood and in the house.
  • For medium to large dogs
  • Many other uses. backpack, hiking, fishing
A durable choice for a bear bell.  The main reason to use bear bells is to prevent any surprise encounters with bears. 
The best way to prevent bear encounters is to constantly be making noise when you are out in the wood - but that isn't always practical.  Sure, if you are hiking you can play music or speak with the people you may be hiking with.  
But what about when you are following your dog through the woods?  We all know how silent your dogs can be when hunting.
A bear bell can be the difference between your dog running up to a Mama Bear and her cubs, or the bear hearing the dog coming and then avoiding a confrontation. 
Bears rarely attack, and even if they do, it is because they feel threatened. Having a bell attached to your hiking pack or dog collar lets the bear know something is coming and that it should keep moving.