Warner Sporting Steel Bear Bell Dog Collar Bell

Warner Sporting
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The Warner Sporting Bear Bell is a durable steel dog collar bell available in Brass, Nickel, Blue, Black, Green, or Red plated 1 1/2" steel sleigh bell, designed for medium to large dogs. Steel produces a louder ring compared to Brass. It features a 3/4" Nylon closed Loop to securely fasten around the dog collar, ensuring it will not open or fall off. The Loop is designed to fit up to 1-1/4 inch collar, allowing you to easily locate your pet in various environments such as the field, woods, or at home. Apart from being ideal for medium to large dogs, the Warner Sporting Bear Bell has many other practical uses such as attaching to a backpack, using while hiking, or during fishing trips. It is a reliable choice for a bear bell. Our bells are better sounding by design!