Warner Small Colored Steel Pet Collar Bells

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Silver or Gold Collar Bells for your Small Pets

These bells make a excellent jingle bell sound for the size of bell.
These small pet accessory collar bells are ideal for cats and small size or toy-breed dogs.
Their jingle sound will let you know where your pet is whether it is around the house, or running around outside.
Not a long distance hearing bell.
Our customers with smaller-sized pets love these bells for dog collars and cat collars. 
They are small enough to give a jingle you can hear clearly.
These bells for pet collars don't create an annoying sound that will wake you up at night when your dog moves.
You will get two 3/4" bells each having its own key ring to attach to collar, with your choice of Gold or Silver plating.
  • excellent jingle bell sound, without being too loud/disturbing
  • Two-3/4" gold/silver colored bells
  •  Key rings included to attach to your pet's collar