Warner Small Colored Steel Pet Collar Bells

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Silver and Gold Collar Bells for your Small Pets

Handmade Pet Accessories  - Made in the USA
Looking for a larger bell? Something that fits bigger breeds and/or sporting dogs?  Check out our other bells here: Bear Bells, Swiss Bells, Cow Bells, Traditional Sportsmen Bells.
These bells make a excellent jingle bell sound for the size of bell. These small pet accessory collar bells are ideal for cats and small size or toy-breed dogs. Their jingle sound will let you know where your pet is whether it is around the house, or running around outside. Not a long distance hearing bell.
Get one for Grandma's cat, so she always knows where it is! 

Pet Jingle Bells

Our customers with smaller-sized pets love these bells for dog collars and cat collars.  They are small enough to give a jingle you can hear clearly.
These bells for pet collars don't create an annoying sound that will wake you up at night when your dog moves. You won't have to turn your TV volume up if your cat decides it is play time, either. 
You will get two 3/4" bells each having its own key ring to attach to collar, with your choice of Gold or Silver plating.
  • excellent jingle bell sound, without being too loud/disturbing
  • Two-3/4" gold/silver colored bells
  •  Key rings included to attach to your pet's collar