Warner Brand Dog Collar Cow Bell

$4.95 - $8.99
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Choose A Cowbell for your Dog's Collar

Take a look at our Warner Cow Bell. It has 1/2" heavy nylon webbing on it so you can easily slip the bell on your bird dogs collar.

Even if you don't have a sporting breed, our Warner Brand Cow Bells look great on any dog! We have sizes that will fit toy breeds as well as the largest breeds out there. 

The loop of the nylon is large enough to go over a 1" collar. This is a medium sound bell and works well in the woods in the late season.

  • Know where your dog is from the sound of the bell
  • Slip easy over dog collar

With the different materials and finishes available, you will definitely be able to find a size and look that suits your dog or puppy. Whether you have a sporting dog or are just looking for a classy bell for your pet, the Warner brand cow bell is the best choice. 

Choose Color, Size, and Finish

Different sized bells sound different: Use it to pick out your dogs when they are in the field, or even running around the house or yard!  The sound travels clearly through brush and heavy cover.

These bells are a great fail safe to have if you use e-collars for training or hunting.  If the collar or transmitter stops working, you will always be able to hear your dog by the sound of the bell. 

Our bells stand up to years of use in the forests.  Sure, they may need a quick clean and polish every now and then, but you can rest assured that the bell will hold up to anything you or your dog go through. 

When in doubt, go for our classic dog collar cow bell. Affordable, reliable, and stylish.