Warner Traditional Sportsman Brass Dog Collar Bell with Leather Loop

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The Classic Dog-Collar Bell for your Hunting Dog


The best choice for a hunting dog collar bell.  You get a tough, durable and authentic dog collar bell for your hunting dog. Made from resistant brass and attached to a handmade leather loop that will fit on to any sort of collar your dog wears in the field.

We attach them to the e-collars we use on our dogs when they are in the field. It is always good to have a back-up in case batteries fail, or if something else causes an electric collar to malfunction. Better safe than sorry, especially when dealing with your sporting dog. 

Our Traditional Sportsman bell has a 1/2" leather loop on it so you can slip it on a 1" wide collar. The bell is 2" wide and 1.5" high.

This is a great sounding brass bell and the sound carries for a long distance in light cover. 

This has been the classic bird dog bell for years. 

Each of our brass sportsman bells have their own, unique sound.

  • High quality brass gives the bell a pure ringing tone
  • Traditional-style grouse hunting bell
  • Slips easily over most dog collars
  • Durable bell is resistant to weathering

The perfect accessory for one of our custom leather dog collars - even if you don't take your dog out into the field often.