Dog Collar Bells

Handmade Pet Accessories  - Made in the USA

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We have bells that will fit small breed dogs and cats, up to large cow bells that will fit your large breed. And everything in between. These bells are mostly made of steel, so you know they will last up the elements. The bells we craft and sell are available in your choice of color as well,  take a look!

Not Sure What Bell is Right for Your Pet?

Not a problem. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a bell for your pet's collar. 

First, think about what style of bell you'd like.

A round brass bell? Or perhaps a copper cow bell? We have many choices to choose from when it comes to the shape of the bell.

Then, think about what you want the bell for.

Is it just an aesthetic bell for your pet that spends most of their time in the house?  A smaller bell is perfect for house pets, as the bell is small and lightweight but gives off a sound you can hear all over the house.

If you and your dog(s) spend a lot of time in the woods, consider a bear bell or cowbell. These bells are based on design that carry well in the woods. They keep predators away, and let you know where your dog is at all times. 


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Choose from our different styles depending on you and your pet's needs

For hunting or working dogs or home pets, we recommend our bells.  The permanently stapled enclosures do mean that you will have to remove the collar to remove the bell, but the main benefit to that is that these bells will never fall off your dog's collar. These straps are not designed to be easily broken or come apart.  


Depending on the bell you choose, you can choose from a leather strap or a nylon webbing that you can use to loop your bell into you pet's collar.  These are both weather resistant and low maintenence materials so the choice is ultimately up to your preference. There are many sizes and styles to choose from and we're happy to help you learn which is best for your pet. 


A dog bell will help you keep up with your dog's whereabouts and let you know if they are close or not, and what direction they are moving in.  A very great idea to have one on your dog, especially since you can't have eyes on your dog 100% of the time. A sturdy bell with a sound that carries well WILL keep your dog safer and out of harm's way more often than not.  Shop all of the dog bells we sell -- we have bells with loops, snaps, collars, and loose dog bells.