Rolled Leather Collars

welcome image and link to our round collars

Thinking about a Dog Collar?

These round collars are a perfect complement to any breed of dog!  They come in many different sizes, and are available in red, tan, brown, and black.  Like our other leather products, these round collars are made from quality leather. You can be sure it won't rip or tear like cheap leather products. 

You can attach a hanging tag easily to the collar using the ring we attach.  And we also attach a sturdy D-ring that you can clip your leash to when it is time for a walk!

Why choose a Rolled Collar?

Alot of folks choose the round-style collar over the flat leather collar we offer.  There are a few good reasons to try one for your pup if you aren't sure.  One of the main reasons to choose one of these rolled collars is because your dog has curly hair.  Flat collars (leather or other materials) can mat the hair and make your dog feel uncomfortable.  Rolled collars sit nicely on top of curly hair and will not cause matting, even if you leave it on for extended periods of time.  Read more about our round leather collars here.


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