Rolled Leather Dog Collar (made in USA)

$12.99 - $17.99
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Rolled Leather Dog Collars are available in sizes to fit most breeds.

 Quality leather Rolled leather Collars makes for an ideal dress dog collar.

Latigo leather is leather that goes through the tanning process twice. 

The process by which it is made enfuses waxes and oils that protect the leather throughout its life. 

Give your dog the stylish look they deserve

  • Rounded over lengthwise and sewn together
  • Rolled leather maximizes comfort for your dog
  • Nickel Buckle and D-Ring. Strong and extremely durable
  • We wear them on our dogs and they last a lifetime

Sizing Chart

Rolled Collar Size Chart

Measuring your dog’s neck

Please measure your dog's neck before ordering to ensure the ideal fit and eliminate issues regarding improper sizing.

We recommend using a length of string to measure the distance around your dog’s neck, as this will give you the most accurate measurement. Measure just behind your pet's ears.

We do not recommend going by the length of your dog’s old collar, because all brands of dog collars are made differently.