Posted by Warner Pet Products on 31st Aug 2020

Why leather, and not a cheaper material for a Rolled Collar?

Rolled Leather Dog Collars

When it comes to anything in life, it is most often times better to buy something that will give you your money's worth. Whether you are buying a car, a new appliance, or even furniture - you generally get what you pay for. 

When it comes to pets, we always recommend doing your research and getting the product you feel confident about.  We know how much research people do when it comes to the things they buy to make their pet's life better: food, toys, beds, you name it.  We know because people come to us for our opinion quite often!

The collar you choose, for most dogs, won't affect the dog as much as say, the food you choose.  But if your dogs are anything like ours, they will likely wear that collar for a big part of their life.  Imagine if you had to wear a necklace your whole life. 

You'd want it to be comfortable right?  We expect our dogs would feel the same way if we could ask them!

There are many, many reasons to choose leather as the material for your dog collars. We've built our business on hand crafting leather products - we could go on about it all day!  Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Perfect for dogs with skin allergies or sensitivities - the leather we use is soft and smooth, making it very comfortable and not prone to triggering any issues
  • All natural materials - 100% real hides are used in the natural tanning process our suppliers use. You won't have to worry about unknown chemicals running off on to your dog's skin when he or she gets wet. These collars are made in the USA.
  • Elegant and Durable - these collars last a LONG time, even with minimal care. All the leather needs is a simple wipe down if it gets wet and/or dirty.  You and your dog will enjoy the classy and timeless look of a high-quality rolled leather collar!

Great for Short-hair and Long-hair DogsOur rolled collars are great for any dog breed: shorthair, longhair/ heavy shedding or no shedding.  For pups with finicky hair that gets tangled frequently, the rolled collar can be perfect! The round shape of the collar prevents any matting from happening.  And matting, especially for long-hair dogs, can be very uncomfortable.  

Our rolled collars are rolled, then stiched to make sure they hold their shape for years to come. Unlike other collars, the stiching on these collars is very, very tight. That means there is minimal spacing in the stiching, which eliminates any chance of your dog's hair getting caught in the stiches. So you can spend less time worrying about detangling your pet's hair!

Choose from Red, Black, Brown, or Tan for your Leather

We offer this collar in four collars: Red Leather, Black Leather, Brown Leather, or Tan Leather.  Unlike lower quality leather products, the leather we use is dyed early during the tanning process. Inferior products will simply be painted after the fact, and fake leather often just has a colored plastic coated to give it the appearance of collar.  

With these rolled pet collars, the color of the collar is permeated throughout all of the material. Meaning, the colors will never bleed or run when they are wet. And even as the collar gets older, it will only lose a fraction of its original vibrant collar as the leather gets broken-in over time.