Warner Brand Deluxe Equine Plate (Horse Halter) Brass ID Tag

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Looking for a durable horse name plate?  Look no further - we custom make each one of our horse halter name plates when you place your order.  

These name plates are ideal for horse halters, but also look great on stable stalls!   

These brass name plates are slightly thicker, and larger than the name plates we use for our dog collars.  They are much better suited to the sorts of wear and tear associated with horse equipment. 

After engraving the tags, they are treated with an all-natural substance that turns the etched letters into a dark collar, for more contrast.  When we finish and polish them, they look amazing and will make your horse halter stick out from the others. 


  • Can engrave up to 22 spaces per line and up to 3 lines
  • Purchase includes ONE (1) engraved brass equine ID tag and three sets of rivets.
  • Tag measures ¾" wide x 3" long
  • The black lettering is a special etching process 
  • The tag has many other identification uses; Jewelry box, tool box, picture frame, etc.