Posted by Warner Pet Products on 24th Aug 2020

The Best Bear Bell for Sporting Dogs

The Best Bear Bell for Sporting Dogs

(see above: one of our bear bells attached to a blue reflective collar)

Before we opened our workshop to craft handmade dog accessories for people, we spent countless days in the woods with our sporting dogs. We still regularly take them out, as nothing can beat the satisfaction of a hunter and his companion hunting dog working perfectly in sync with each other. It’s important to use tools that facilitate this relationship. One of these tools is the type of bear bell you choose to use on your sporting dog’s hunting collar.

Why Have A Bear Bell on Your Dog Collar?

Whether we are hunting in the farm fields and woods of our home state of Pennsylvania, or going out west to Wyoming and the Mid-West, bears are never too far away. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the woods on any given day to run across a sign of a bear, whether it is the distinct paw print or some droppings.

Over the years we’ve spent in the woods, we’ve used pretty much all the bear bells that are out there, and found what works better, and those that don’t work as well.. Whether you’re hunting quail, pheasant, duck (or anything else), you need a bell that carries well. After all, dogs are an important part of our families - they should be as protected as they can at all times. Especially from bears.

We’ve gone through so many bells over the years. And after seeing which ones are better, we decided to start crafting them ourselves. And a few years later, we started crafting them to sell to other like-minded sportsmen/sportswomen that need equipment that just works.

The Warner Bear Bell - Handcrafted

This bear bell is one of the first we decided to craft, and it has proved to be the most popular of all the bells we sell. And with good reason. Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in the woods knows that bear encounters should be avoided whenever possible. (if you are hunting bears it is a different story!)

Most times, your hunting dog will be out of your direct line of sight, and that is where bells prove their worth. The best bells will have sound that carries well in the woods, so you know where your companion dog is. The bear bell differentiates itself from other hunting dog bells in the type of sound it gives off.

This bell bells off a constant jingle - this comes from the way it is designed. Whether your dog is running through the woods, or stalking slowly, you can be sure it will give off a constant sound.

Another benefit is it that the round profile of the bell will minimize the chances of anything getting caught in it while your dog is in the thickest of brush.

Don’t have a dog?

These bells are also a great idea for hikers and fisherman - anyone who spends time alone in the woods. Bear bells give bears a gentle warning that a different creature is in the vicinity, which gives them the chance to leave the area. The goal is to ALWAYS avoid a confrontation and the bear bell serves this purpose very well.

The nylon webbing we use for the bell loop is tear resistant, as you never know what kind of thicket your dog might run through. The loop size is large enough to fit over nearly any collar, but small enough to ensure a snug fit. They fit our handmade leather collars (1” wide) particularly well.

What we like most about these bells is that they leave plenty of room on the hunting dog collar. So you can always be sure there will be room to attach a check cord, e-collar, or even another type of bell. These bells are truly a must-have for anyone who spends time out in the woods with their dog. No matter what breed, as any dog will benefit from not having to deal with a bear!

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