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Posted by Warner Pet Products on 26th Oct 2020

Keep Your Dog Safe with a Nameplate ID dog collar

Why Have a Dog Collar with an Engraved Name plate? In my opinion, everyone should get a nameplate with the collar(s) they get for their dogs to wear. While wearing the collar around the house is op …

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Posted by Warner Pet Products on 19th Oct 2020

Dog Training with Hanging Bells

Training Your Puppy to Use a Potty Bell There are alot of things that go in to dog/pet ownership, and some are more fun than others.  Like, taking your dog on a hike or to the park for an after …

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Posted by Warner Pet Products on 7th Oct 2020

Why go Swiss for your Dog Bell Needs?

Why Swiss Bells? This is a great question - and one we answer for many customers who aren't familiar with Swiss Bells.  They aren't just called "Swiss" bells without a reason - these bells are …

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Posted by Warner Pet Products on 5th Oct 2020

History of Brass Sleigh Bells

(some samples of our handmade brass sleigh bells) Everyone is familiar with the classic sleigh bells. The classic jingle sound is bound to draw up feelings of nostalgia, whether it …

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Posted by Warner Pet Products on 30th Sep 2020

Choosing the Best Reflective Dog Collar

The Best Reflective Collars for Dogs There may be a few reasons you are looking for a reflective collar for your dog. One of the main reasons people consider reflective dog collars is for maximum vi …

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