Posted by Warner Pet Products on 26th Oct 2020

Keep Your Dog Safe with a Nameplate ID dog collar

Why Have a Dog Collar with an Engraved Name plate?

In my opinion, everyone should get a nameplate with the collar(s) they get for their dogs to wear. While wearing the collar around the house is optional, the collar with the engraved ID tag should always be worn when you take your dog outside. Sometimes accidents happen, and your dog will run away. In the event of someone finding your dog, the person to be able to either

a) contact you, so you can pick up your dog

b) bring your lost dog back to your home address

There are many other reasons why people should put dog collars with nameplates on their dog(s), besides safety.  Sure, if your dog mainly spends time inside, you may not see a good reason to have a collar with a nametag. Maybe you just have a leash for when you take your dog outside, and that is enough for your purposes. 

If your dog spends alot of time outside, you probably already have a collar with your dogs name and your own contact info. If this is the case with your dog, you are definitely aware of the risk of your dog running off.  Even if your dog is well behaved, sometimes even those dogs can get a bit wiley and out of control.

But my dog has a Micro-chip - Do I need a Name Plate Collar?

The short answer is yes - you do need a name plate collar! Micro-chips are a great back up to have, and we recommend that everyone gets their dogs chipped.  But if that isn't in your budget, don't worry too much!  Micro-chips are a fairly recent invention and definitely aren't neccesary to keep track of your dog! Micro-chips are useful, but they aren't really usable in every day situations, like: 

1. Your dog runs outside while you are taking the trash out, and you lost sight of them. But you know your dog is nearby - How will the microchip help you find your dog in this situation - IT WON'T!

2. You take your dog to the park, and it slips off the leash and runs off to play with other dogs - The microchip will not help you - you will simply need to find the dog yourself or hope that someone catches it and holds on to it for you. 

That is why you need a collar with a custom name plate ID tag!  If your dog happens to run away at the park  - no big deal. Whoever finds your dog will be able to call you, because your phone number is on the ID tag!

Safety First - Get an ID Tag for Your Dog Collar

When we make you a custom leather collar, we always include a free ID Tag with your order.  And we attach it with rivets to your collar, so you never have to worry about it getting caught in anything. And since we use flat brass nameplates, these tags sit flat against the collar - these tags make no noise when your dog is wearing the collar. 

When you place an order for a collar, you are able to enter in up to 3 lines of information.  You can put any message you want on the collar so feel free to get creative. The usual information we engrave on to tags includes: 

1) Dog name

2) Owner name

3) Home Address

4) Phone Number

5) Instructions or a Message (i.e. "Call If Found", "Micro-chipped", "Return to Mommy", "Diabetic", etc.)

Stylish Leather Collars with a Free ID Tag

When you choose a Warner Pet collar for your dog, you are getting a collar made-to-order specially for you. We make the exact size and collar you choose, and then engrave the included ID tag with the information you requested.  We only source materials from suppliers in the USA, and all of our leather collars (and other products) are handmade here in our workshop.

With our collars, you get a product that you can trust.  We guarantee the collar will never fall off your dog, and the nameplate ID tags are sturdily attached.  In the event your dog goes missing, you can be sure the collar will allow the person who finds your dog to contact you. 

Putting a collar with an identification tag on your dog will give you piece of mind. Knowing the product is made from quality materials and hand-made in the USA is an extra bonus we hope you enjoy as well!