Millers Forge Professional Large Pet Nail Clippers #767C


Millers Forge Professional heavy-duty large dog nail clipper to trim your large dog's nails.

Heavy-duty spring-loaded mechanism ensures the clipper will give you years of reliable cutting for even the heaviest breeds.

Millers Forge clipper is made of high quality German stainless steel and is hand finished by skilled Italian craftsmen.

Trim your pet's nails safely and confidently with this nail clipper.

  • Plier-style design allows for quick and painless trimming/cutting of nails
  • Ultra-Sharp blade - will cut nails cleanly on the first try, without straining your hand
  • Grippy plastic-covered handle makes sure the tool doesn't move around in your hand, even if your dog gets squirmy
  • Locking cap included to ensure the safe storage of the nail clipper
  • Perfect solution for clipping your pet's nails easily and painlessly, for your pet and you


Hold pet's paw securely with one hand and clip with the other. Cut in one smooth stroke.

If your pet's nails are extremely long trim just a small amount and repeat in 10 days. Avoid cutting off large amounts at one time.

Cutting the nails immediately after bathing will make it easier to see the quick and easier to cut.

Applying baby oil will serve the same purpose. Avoiding cutting off too much at one time.

If pet's nails are very long, cut off a small amount and wait about a week to 10 days until nails are at desired length.

Monitor the nail length and monthly trimming should be sufficient thereafter.