Warner Decorative Arctic Sleigh Bells Leather Strap Doorbell Hangers

$12.95 - $21.95
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Handcrafted Leather Strap Bells

hanging leather door bells

Choose the right length for the place where you want to place them.

Train your puppy, dog or cat to bump these bells to let you know they have to go outside.

Your pet will learn quickly with a little training. 

These are also great decorative bells to have hanging just for their look, and to let you know someone came in the door.

  • Choose Brass or Silver Plated Bells
  • Choose between 3, 5, or 10 bells on the leather strap
  • Decorative Door Bell
  • Sleigh Bells
  • Puppy Training Bell
  • 3 Bells are 12" long, 5 Bells are 15" long, 10 Bells are 28" long
  • Length varies very slightly due to the handcrafted nature

These bells are handmade in our shop in Central Pennsylvania.

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