Warner Brand Brass Rivet Pack for ID tags on Dog Collar (free Rivet Punch included)

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Included in our assorted Rivet Pack are 16 various sized Rivets and Rivet Caps that will fit onto any of our custom dog collars. 

If you are buying a custom engraved dog ID tag and don't have a rivet punch to attach it to your collar, we recommend picking up this rivet punch so that you can attach it to your dog's collar. 


 You will receive a total of 18 rivets and one rivet punch
6 - Split Rivets
6 - Small Rivets with Caps  (around 1/4")
6 - Medium Rivets with Caps (around 5/16")


We recommend buying these if you misplace a rivet trying to change out a tag, or if it happens to fall out. These things sometimes happen when we put collars on our furry four-legged friends. 

Included is a free rivet punch that will not damage the rivets. Simply line up the Rivet/Rivet Cap, and give the Rivet Punch a tap with a hammer and the rivet will set.