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Posted by Warner Pet Products on 2nd Nov 2020

American-Made Dog Collars

Dog Collars Crafted in the USA

When it comes to durable dog products, it can be difficult to find trustworthy manufacturers online.  Often times, people selling dog collars online may not be telling the truth about where their products come from, even if it is actually a good product.  

Some questions to ask yourself when looking at buying American-made dog collars:

  • "Is this business a reputable seller?"
  • "Do they have a history of selling quality goods?"
  • "Are they who they say they are?"
  • "Are the products sourced in an honest way?"

As with buying anything, you want to make sure you spend your money well.  We are totally the same way - its a good feeling when you know you got what you paid for.  

Warner Pet Products - Short History

While Warner Pet Products is a relatively new website (created in 2018), we have been in the business of selling dog products (and other outdoor gear as well) since 1998.  We still sell various other goods online, on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy. See below for links to our profiles on those websites.   We have a great track record with customer service and selling quality products.  Please check out our other storefronts when you get a chance!

Warner Pet Etsy Storefrontour amazon storefront and reviewsour ebay store

When we created this website, we wanted to establish our own brand outside of Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy. We thought that people would appreciate a small business that creates hand crafted products for dogs.  Made in the USA of course! 

While we do sell accessories made by other companies, we mainly focus on the good we craft ourselves.  The other things we sell on this website are secondary - our leather goods are truly our pride and joy products.  

Our Best Seller - Warner Cumberland Dog Collar

When it comes to our best product - the one most people buy in the USA - it is easily our flat leather dog collar.  We think it is one of the best Handmade leather collars you can buy, at an affordable price.  People have shown us that we do make a quality product that they enjoy using on their dogs. 

It goes without saying that we make this collar ourselves!  There are a few steps to making the collar. 

How We Make the Collars

Step 1:

Step 1 first involves finding a reputable supplier of leather. This is essential as all of our leather products are made from the material we get from our American leather supplier.

Our finished products are only as good as what they are made from - and we make sure that our leather is quality. The particular suppler we use sources the leather in the USA, and they operate their own tanneries. At a tannery, the raw hide is processed in such a way to turn it from raw, unfinished material to soft, supple, and rich leather.  

We get giant rolls of leather made to order, from which we cut strips to make to our various products. 

Step 2:

Step 2 involves cutting the leather to measure and creating strips that will eventually be dog collars.  We have quite a few specialized tools, and of course our craftsmen know how to use them.   Making a high quality dog collar isn't something you can do at home - it takes the knowledge of a craftsmen to create it. 

We punch holes in the collars, as well as attach the buckles and D-ring that make it into a proper dog collar. We use solid nickel to create the hardware we make our Cumberland collar with. 

Step 3:

There are a few minor steps to clean up the edges, as well as adding our logo to every collar. At this point, the collar is ready for a free ID tag to be made, and shipped to you!

Other Leather crafts we create in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

We do create quite a few other leather items here in our workshop. One our favorites is actually the Warner Arctic Hanging Sleigh bells, which are great for hanging on doors and around your house!

Decorative Hanging Bells

They get really popular around the Holidays in America, but people also keep them our year round as well. Its an easy way to add some holiday character to any space you have, where it is the door to your home or the entrance to your business. You've definitely heard the characteristic jingle when you go to a salon or barbershop - chances are it is a set of hanging jingle bells we made!

We offer our  hanging bells on straight leather straps of varying length, but also in various shapes! Take a look below. 

our decorative bells for home and work

Made in USA Dog Leashes

For our more style-conscious customers, we introduced matching leather leashes for those who want a leather dog leash that matches their dog collar. 

Of course, you don't have to buy a collar to get a leather leash - you can purchase either or.  If you do choose to buy a matching USA leash + collar combo, you are getting two pieces of custom made products that are made from the same material.  And a free brass ID tag, engraved (custom to your choosing) and attached to the collar of your choice.

In our eyes, the classic leather leash for dogs is a timeless look.  Especially when you know you are getting a product made from authentic American leather. The leash attaches easily to the D-ring on the collar when you need to leash your dog, and is durable enough for the largest dogs. So you can be sure your leather dog accesories work as good as they look. 

Of course, if you want to just get a leash, you can choose between a snap lead or a slip over collar.  Both are safe and sturdy options for a leather leash. 

our various leashes

Support Small Businesses

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone around the world. Luckily, we have been able to keep our doors open and continue to serve the folks who want quality leather dog products.  Our business has been able to continue to grow during this time, for which we are very grateful to you, our customers.

When you choose to buy a product from us, you are getting a artisan-quality product made by American craftsmen and women.  We wear the "Made in USA" badge with great pride, as we sell designer-grade products at a price that everyone can afford.

Please continue to support local businesses and enterprises, as that is what makes this country great!  We hope you enjoyed this post!