Posted by Warner Pet Products on 3rd May 2021

The Brass Tag Engraving Process

ID Tags for your Animal Collar

Ever since we started crafting and selling our own brand of dog collars, we’ve offered free, custom engraved tags with each collar. When you buy one of our Cumberland leather collars, we include a flat brass tag at no extra cost to you. We offered tags with our collars for a couple of reasons:

When we chose collars for our dogs, we always had to go find a separate tag that matched and was compatible with our collar.

Sometimes we’d have to buy extra rings or attach D-Rings to the collar to hang tags on, and that eventually just grew to be too much of a hassle. It just makes more sense to get a collar and matching tag at the same time!

Custom Engraving for each Order

Custom engraved dog collars are proven to keep your dog safe when you put your contact info on them - don’t let your dog out without one.

When you buy one of our collars, you can engrave any information you want. Up to 3 lines of text, with 22 characters on each line. So you can be sure people can contact you if they find your dog. People usually put info like home address, one or two phone numbers, and even the owner name or dog name.

You never know what could happen. Even the most well behaved dogs can decide to bolt out of the door when they have a chance. Accidents happen so it is best to be prepared with an engraved tag on your dog’s collar!

Be Prepared for when Your Dog Gets Lost

Whether you choose to just use the 3-line flat brass tag included with your Cumberland leather collar, or if you opt for a round circle tag to attach to your dog’s collar - you can be sure people will always have the right information if they ever find your precious pet when you aren’t around. Make it easy for your pet to be found again with one of our custom engraved collars today!