Acme Whistle 575 Shepherd Whistle (Nickel Silver)

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The Acme Shepherd whistle is perfect for the hands-free use of a whistle when training your dog. With this whistle, you can produce many different tones by simply moving your tongue or the whistle slightly.

Whistles like this originated in use by Shepherds who used the whistle to command their shepherd dogs that were used in the herding of sheep and other herd animals.  Over hundreds of years, the design was refined to make it easy for the user to get loud, clear sounds that dogs will be able to hear over the sound of a large herd of animals. 

We recommend practicing with the whistle for a few minutes before using it in the field. It only takes a few practice uses before you can reliably get an acceptable sound from it, and after a day of use you will be able to get any sound out of it that you need. 


  • Nickel Plated
  • Perfect for Dog Training
  • Insert in the mouth and manipulate with the tongue
  • Produces a widely varying and easy controlled range of pitches

Comes with a FREE lanyard!

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