Remington Brand British Slip Leash

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Product Overview

Remington Brand 6' British Slip Dog Leash-Lead is a durable soft braided rope leash that will stand up to the elements. Slip-lead style leash you will not need to deal collars when you want to put the leash on your dog. Simply pull the loop open and slide it over your pets head. Once on, the leather slide will adjust to fit any size neck comfortably. 

  • 1/2" x 6 ft long leash
  • Available in high-visibility Orange and Forest Green
  • Soft durable braided rope construction will ensure pet's comfort for years
  • Slip-style collar allows for quick, and gentle correction if your pet begins to pull/run, and is loose when your pet is relaxed
  • Ideal for field trials and rescue dogs
  • The slip-style leash can be put on/removed in seconds 
  • Flexible and easy to fold/carry, but highly resistant to tearing and fraying



(No reviews yet) Write a Review