Remington Brand Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl

Need a large dog water bowl to take with you on the run?  Take a look at the collapsible large bowl by Remington. 
Remington Brand Collapsible Travel Bowl is perfect for that dog on the go.
Completely portable bowl holds 20 ounces and features a carabiner for easy carry.
Perfect for people who take their pets with them on outdoor adventures. Whether you are going to hike 10 miles to your favorite hunting cabin, or simply going for a day-hike with your companion.  
The lightweight, collapsible design ensures that it won't add significant weight to your pack, while also minimizing the space it takes up. 

Collapses into a flat disc for storing while not in use. Perfect for travelling with your companion, whether it is a road trip or a long walk.  

  • Bowl Diameter: 5.5 inches
  • Bowl Depth: 2.25 inches

Even if you don't have a dog, these bowls are great for camping.  They clean and fold up fast for easy cleaning and carrying. Get yours today!