Mud River Hardhead Check Cord

Mud River Hardhead Check Cord 1
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Check cords are mainly used in the training of dogs. Using one of these properly allows you to teach your dog how to walk in front of you, and to teach them how to keep a proper distance from the game you are hunting.  It is an invaluable tool to take your dog from a puppy, to a proper sporting companion dog. 

These cords are perfect for any breed: retrievers, flushing dogs, pointing dogs, and dogs for game hunting in the uplands. 

While check cords can be used to tie out your dog, we recommend cables made for tieing out dogs for that purpose. Dog tie out cables are usually braided steel and can stand up to being left out in the elements better than most check cords that are made of nylon, fabric, or other material. 




  • 3/8″ Tubular nylon core & exterior
  • Light-weight
  • Size 40'